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  Howdy from Sunny Arizona!


A native of Arizona, I have lived in Tucson since 1963 (was born in Phoenix a few years earlier). I remember the city council discussing the high cost of building freeways in the old Pueblo. I believe they reasoned if we don't build freeways, that the cars would go away. Well, the cars keep coming, but Tucson is a great place to live.

My employer, Shoppe Insurance Services, specializes in Health insurance. From individuals to groups, HMO's to indemnity (deductible plans), as a broker we offer choice.  We also offer dental, life, Medi-gap (Medicare supplements) and.  For the most part we enroll our clients in local Arizona coverage.  We do offer worldwide health insurance for travelers anywhere in the world. If you live in Arizona, or are planning on moving to Arizona, give us a call.  Do to the large number of e-mail we receive, calling is faster.  Our fax # is 520-318-9400, and our phone # is 520-318-4800. Our web site, shoppeinsurance.com should be online in March 2000.

On 10/18/95 I wrote, A veteran of two weeks on the net I wrote. In five years I predict e-mail will be as common place as faxes are today. You will be able to do business from your terminal around the corner, and around the world. Just five years ago, how many fax machines were out there?  Not bad prediction hu?


Some useful sites on the web are...


The Arizona Daily Star: Tucson's morning newspaper and my Internet provider.

StarNet Commercial Home Pages: Support those who pay your taxes

Switchboard.com This directory allows you search the entire country with one search.


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