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In my opinion... Dental insurance / Dental Plans When you see a dentist with insurance they are paid a percentage of the bill in cash from the insurance company, a percentage is discounted for being in the network, and you pay the balance. When you see a dentist on a Co-pay plan, your Co-pay may be all they receive. On better plans the provider is paid a set dollar amount from the plan every month you are on their patient list.  Group and individual dental insurance are not the same. When an employer offers dental insurance to all of their employees the insurance company assumes not all of the employees will be using a plan for more than preventative services. On individual insurance they know they will be receiving a high percentage of claims because most people looking for individual dental coverage already need dental treatment. If you need dental work done now a discount plan may be your best option. Sam Schoppenhorst 

Discount Plans...     "Discount" plans are NOT insurance"   

When you enroll in a "Dental Plan" you will choose a Dentist /Dental office where you will receive all of your care. The plan has rosters/member lists to show the dental office who their EDS patients are. Generally speaking, they will not make new member appointments until you are on their roster/member list. Before choosing a provider we the highly recommend that you call providers and ask them if they are taking new patients on the Employers Dental Plan.  If they say yes ask if I am a new EDS member on the first of next month, how long will it take to get the new patient appointment?" If they say longer than a week we suggest you keep looking for another office. IF you need to see a Dentist sooner i.e. for pain ask if they will accept a fax from EDS to add you now.  If they do we can help you with this after you enroll.

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 Over the years we have had great success with this plan.  You need to choose a dentist who accepts the plan.    Dentist Search  

You can now enroll annually online with your bank card.  Please see the information above before you enroll.    ENROLL ONLINE  Please put our broker number 296 on the enrollment form. 


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Please read carefully... If the plan says it will pay $1500 a year while you only pay a $500 a year... What's the catch???  Not counting exclusions and limitations look at the low percentage it pays the first year, and remember that percentage is what they consider reasonable and customary. What is a Reasonable and Customary Fee?
This plan reimburses you for covered dental expenses based upon "Reasonable and Customary" fees. Reasonable and Customary fees are charges that do not exceed the general level of charges being made by other providers of dental services in the geographic area where the charge is incurred.

In my opinion…If you are looking for “insurance “to pay for services you need now, consider the following.  It may be better to ask your dentist for a cash discount or try a new dentist on a discount plan. When an insurance company issues a group dental insurance policy they expect a few of the new employees will immediately see a dentist for needed services.  When they issue individual insurance they expect the new member will immediately seek dental services.  Let’s say a typical plan has an annual benefit of $1,000 per person after a $50 deductible and cost $40 per month.  With no waiting period you could collect your annual $1,000 benefit in a month or two after which you would stop paying your monthly premium because you couldn’t collect any benefits for the next 10 or 11 months.  The only way individual dental insurance can be profitable is to have major waiting periods. you need to consider deductible, annual benefit, waiting periods for different levels of service, which services are on each benefit level (they are not all the same), what percent do they pay, and... if it pays 80% of reasonable and customary charges, you need to know the numerical value of R&C.  It could be 80% of 50%, or it could be 80% of 90%.    In my opinion, Sam Schoppenhorst


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