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SHORT TERM MEDICAL PLANS Please note: as temporary health insurance plans are usually effective within 24 hours, they  usually do not cover pre-existing conditions. ***If the company allows you purchase a second  term policy any conditions incurred during the prior plan are now pre-existing and will not be covered.    Length of coverage may be from days to months to years. When a policy  terminates basically there is no more coverage.  If your term policy is for 30 days, and you have a major accident or sickness on day 20... you  basically have a plan that will pay for 10 days. If you had purchased a monthly option of up to 6 or 12 months you could continue renewing the policy for another 5 or 11 months to continue care and file claims for the sickness or injury. The longer option you choose... the higher the premium will be because the probability of larger claims has increased. *If you choose the monthly option it is up to the insured to call and cancel the coverage when you get other coverage, otherwise coverage will continue and you will be charged for the 6 or 12 month policy term. Term plans usually do not include co-pays for doctor visits or well care, benefits are payable after you meet your deductible.   Depending on the length of time you need coverage, you may want to consider a permanent plan or term to permanent if you are not currently covered. Most term plans are issued online with just a few questions. Permanent plans ask more questions to be reviewed by the company to see if they will offer coverage. These plans may have benefits available with co-payments not subject to the deductible.  Please call or email CipherSend 43U82 Secure for more information.

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Short Term Major Medical Plan

This plan is designed for temporary major medical insurance for up to 11 Months.  Petersen International Underwriters
UnitedHealthcare  Run Quotes & Apply online/Issued Online!  

                                                                                                                                                                          INTERNATIONAL  HEALTH  /  TRAVEL PLANS

 Run Quotes & Apply online!   Individual and Group International plans.

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Run Quotes & Apply online! *Liaison International Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their Home Country *RoundTrip Travel Benefits Protect your tickets, your luggage and your health worldwide *RESIDE Prime Worldwide Medical Plan (formerly Signature Worldwide)
Permanent health coverage for non-U.S. residents
Inbound Immigrant Medical protection specifically designed for immigrants to the United States.